Why USA ?

US is made up of 50 states and Federal districts. The main regions are New England, The mid Atlantic, The South, The Midwest, The Southwest, The West.
Us has 6 times zones.
The major cities in the US are- New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston

US quality education
- The us has more than 4000 accredited Institutions/Universities and colleges.
- Vast number of courses to choose from.
- Amongst the world's top 20 universities 16 are in the US
- The professional approach of universities towards their students is well famous in the world
US qualifications such as Degrees, Post graduate degrees, postgraduate diplomas, Diplomas, certificate courses are recognised and highly respected in almost all countries.

Multicultural and diverse
- US is multicultural and diverse. It comprises of people of all religion and from all parts of the world.
- English is the official language.
- More than 60 million of population speaks different language at home.
- According to a research in 2013, more than 14,886,052 International students were studying at the US.

Powerful economy and Technologically advanced
- The US ranks first in technological advancement and competitiveness. Students get opportunity to get first-hand experience of new technology and technical know-how.
- The US ranks fourth out of 189 countries when it comes to doing business.
- US is hub of more than 30 million small businesses and 139 of the world's largest 500 companies.
- US represents one of the world's most influential financial markets.

- The Us Education Structure and system allows students to transfer from one institution to another institution (onto another course of upper level at university.
- This flexibly is allowed provided the course program is in the same field of study and with compliance of another requirement.

Types of Universities

Public Universities
- Affiliated to and governed by the state. Each state at least fund/ support one university.

Private Universities
- Not supported by public/state funds
- They are profit based institutions

Technical Schools
- These schools are experts in imparting education in field of science and engineering.



Associate Degree
- Awarded after two by community colleges, business colleges and some bachelor's colleges

Bachelor's Degree
- Duration 4 years
- Most courses are BS or BA

Master's Degree
- In the US, one must complete 16 years of education to peruse master's program.