Why us

1) We are one stop solution for all your needs.
2) We bring World to you. We offer free admission applications process for 27 counties (destinations)*
3) Mr. Pratik Shandilya is India’s First Study Abroad Counsellor to become certified counsellor by govt. of India. He also holds ICEF Counsellor qualifications for USA, Canada, Australia. Similarly, he holds certificates for the UK and New Zealand.
4) Director Mr. Pratik Shandilya himself counsel students as he has rich experience of Studying and working abroad.
5) Customised service as per individual case.
6) Unlimited Rigorous Visa Interview and body language training by Mr. Pratik Shandilya with camera recording. (Learn by observing your own performance!) Parents can see the performance of their ward.
7) Post landing Mr. Pratik Shandilya offers Unlimited free counselling (through Skype/ Phone/ Whatsapp) to the students experiencing cultural shock, depression in foreign countries.
8 ) Code of Conduct, Confidentiality, Ethics
(i) Duty of care- we provide service with duty of care towards students. We undertake to provide punctual and honest opinions/ guidelines to our students. (ii) Confidentiality- We keep the student’s academic, personal information, shortlisted universities, scores strictly confidential and do not disclose it to anybody (except our office associates) without prior written confirmation from the student or student’s parent (in case student is minor). (iii) Attendance Note- We follow international business world practise of sending “Attendance Note” to every student after every in-person meeting or telephonic conversation. This is done to help Students keep track of their conversation with us.