Why Spain ?

Situated in South western region of Europe, Spain is a sovereign nation. It has a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government. The country is divided into 17 regions and 50 provinces. It ranks 5th amongst the largest economies of the European nation. The climatic conditions vary depending on whether one is in the North, Central or southern part of the country. The population of Spain is around 48 Million.
The official Language of Spain is Spanish.
Euro is official currency
Famous cities are Madrid (Capital of Spain), Barcelona, Servile Valencia, San Sebastian, Cordoba, Toledo, Santiago De Compo stela, Bibao

Study Cost
Bachelors and Masters €1500 -€16000/ year
Living expenses- €1000-€14000/ year

Key points about education in Spain
- High Quality education with good infrastructure
- Very low tuition fees for international students.
- Students can work 20 hours/ week with average earning of 7-8 euros
- There are internships opportunities in Multicultural companies like TERRA, PRISA, SANTANA, FERRAVIAL, ALTADIS
- Intake in winter – September/ October
- Deadlines 31st July

Test requirements
IELTS/TOEFL (Non- Mandatory)
*However, student has to give a Skype interview to the representative of the university who checks the language proficiency of the student.
Gmat is not required

Popular courses
1. International Business
2. Sports Management
3. International Marketing
4. Big Data Solutions
5. Hospitality Management