Why Poland ?

Poland officially the republic of Poland is a sovereign country in central Europe. Poland is the 6th populous members state in the European union. Poland’s largest city and capital is Warsaw, Wrodaw, Poznan, Gradick and Szczecin. Poland Experience warm summers and cold winters summers and cold winters with heavy snow. It is multicultural country with a blend of cultures from both east and west. It is a safe and welcoming country and it offers outstanding facilities to the international students.

Cost of Studying
Average cost of tuition fees ranges from 9000-10000 Euro per year.
Living expenses range from 200 to 400 Euros Per month
*Cost vary depending upon the choice of University, Location and lifestyle

Key points about education in Poland
- World Class quality education
- Polish universities have tie-ups with universities in the UK, Australia and United States.
- There are Job opportunities available to international students.
- It has around 450 higher education institutes with courses more than 5000 offered in variety of fields.

Popular courses
1. Masters in Management
2. Masters In Computer Science
3. Bachelors in Management
4. Masters In International Relations