Why Netherland ?

Netherlands is a densely populated country in western Europe it incorporates 3 territories in Caribbean. It is referred to as “Gateways to Europe” because it is centrally located in Europe. Netherland is reputed for its vibrant academic life and outstanding literacy levels. It has the moderate winters and cool summers. It is ranked 7th happiest place on earth and has a high standard of living Major cities are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hogue and Utrecht.

Cost of Study
Bachelors €6000-€12000
Masters €8000-€20000
Living Cost - €800 - €1,100 month
*Cost vary depending upon the choice of University, Location and lifestyle

Key Points about education In Netherland
- More emphasis is given on practical learning rather than theoretical learning.
- Netherland is famous for its scientific research.

Popular courses
1. Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
2. Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and Management
3. Master of Business Administration
4. Master in Finance and Accounting
5. Master International Hospitality Management