Why Mauritius ?

Mauritius officially Republic of Mauritius’s is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2000 kilometres off the southeast coast of African Continent. There are 2 seasons- a warm humid summer from November to April with a mean temperature between 24.7 degrees and relatively dry winters from June to September with a temperature of 20.4 degree Celsius. It is volcanic islands and home to rarest plants and animals, Flora and Fauna. It is Multicultural state with people from all religious background. It is an officially secular state. The main language spoken are English and French. Moreover, it a tourist spot and has lot to explore for visitors and students

Cost of Studying
An average tuition fees cost ranges from 15,00- 15,000 USD per year.
*Cost vary depending upon the choice of University, Location and lifestyle

Key points about education in Mauritius
- World Class quality education
- More than 700 courses available
- There are private and Public universities
- Cost of education is affordable
- Do not require IELTS/TOEFL to get admission in Mauritius
- Students can work 20 hours / per week
- Global exposure and good job opportunities

Popular courses
1. Applied Sciences
2. Engineering
3. Management