Why Italy ?

Italy is officially the Italian republic is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. It is in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the fourth most populated Eu member state. This country is famous for its culture, art, history and cuisine. It is one of the major business, research and p hubs in Europe. Italy is divided into 20 regions. Italy has 4th largest economy in the European Union, 3rd in the Euro zone and 8th in the world. It is referred to as “the boot” because its shape appears like a shoe!
The official language is Italian and Currency is Euro.
Some of the popular cities are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Verona, Florence, Venice

Cost of Study
Tuition fees in public Universities - €850 to €1000 Per year.
Private tuition fess- € 6000 to € 20,000 per year
Living Cost – €650- €1000 per month.
*Cost vary depending upon the choice of University, Location and lifestyle

Key points about education in Italy
- World class quality education and language of course is English.
- Programs from Diploma to Masters available.
- Italy is famous for designing programs.
- Academic requirement is 60%. Some universities accept 50 % as well.
- Each year more than 40,000 international students go to Italy and pursuer graduate studies.
- Students can do part time job for 20 hr. a week with average pay of €9-€12 per hour.
- There internships opportunities in multinational companies. Most of the courses have in build paid internship opportunities with approx. 1000 EUR as stipend per month. Internships in companies like AlPHA ROMEO, FERRARI, LAMBORGHINI, UNICREDIT, GERGIO ARMANI.

Test requirements
IELTS/TOEFL (Non- mandatory)
Student receives a call from the University and a telephonic interview is conducted for 10-15 minutes and the student must be able to satisfy the interviewer of his English proficiency skills.
Student will also be interviewed by the Visa officer to check his proficiency level.

Popular courses
Bachelor Course in Car Design Tools
Bachelor Course inhospitality and Tourism Management
Bachelor Course in Visual design
Bachelor Course in Product Design.
Masters Course.
Masters Course In Industrial Design
Masters Course in Interior Design
Masters course in transportation and Car Design
Masters course in Visual Design
Masters course in web and Multimedia design
Masters in Food Design.
Masters in Fashion design.
Dual Specialization course in web and virtual design
Dual Specialization course in Industrial and Interior Designing.