Why Ireland ?

Ireland is located in the north of west Europe. Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom and divided between republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
The major cities are Cork, Galway and Limerick
Capital is Dublin
Official language is Irish and English

Cost of Study
Undergraduate – €9000-€45000 per year.
Post graduate-€ 9500- €35000 per year
Living expenses- €7000-€10000 per year

Key point about Education in Germany
- Irish universities are world famous for scientific research
- Lower tuition fees.
- European Headquarter of IT and Pharmaceutical companies.
- Master’s degree of 1 year
- Post graduate study visa of 2 years for Masters.
- Post Graduate work visa of 1 year for Bachelors.
- There are opportunities to seek indefinite right to study (Permanent Residency)

Test required
Ielts for English language

Popular courses
1. Computer Science
2. Data Analytics
3. MBA/Management
4. Nursing
5. Biotechnology & Pharmacy related courses