Why Cyprus ?

Cyprus is an island located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, 97 km west of Syria and 64 Km south of Tukey. It is the third biggest in size island of the Mediterranean. Cyprus experiences hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. In January temperature falls to 10 deg C and in July it goes upto 35 deg C. It is one of the fastest growing education destinations in the world. Cyprus is a member of the Bologna system; many colleges are based on the American system of education. Cyprus is a tolerant and multicultural country.

Cost of Study
For Undergraduate degrees 35000 Euros (Approx.) per year.
Some specialized programmes might go up to 7000 Euros per year.
Master’s Degree 2000-2500 Euros per year
Living cost- 300-650 Euros per month.
*Cost vary depending upon the choice of University, Location and lifestyle

Key point about Education in Cyprus.
- World class education quality and student facilities
- Affordable tuition fees
- Education at all levels
- Excellent facilities for students that include club, science club, technology, sport Club, Photography club.
- approximately 40 thousand students of different nationalities are studying in Cyprus

Test required

Popular courses
1. Bachelors of Business Administration
2. Bachelor of Hospitality Management