Why Australia ?

Australia comes under the top destinations for higher studies It is one of the technologically advanced country. Australia forms of multicultural society where nearly one fourth of the population has settled from outside Australia. The famous cities in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Australia ranks sixed in the size and hence there are different climatic conditions from cold in snowy mountains regions to hot in Kimberley region located in North west.

Study cost (In Australian Dollar)
Average cost of study ranges between A$24000-A$36000 per year for Undergraduate and post graduate courses. *Cost vary depending upon the choice of University, Location and lifestyle

Key point about Australia Education
- Australian Universities are well recognised all over the world
- Australia has world class education system and have always best to offer.
- According to the QS ranking out of top 100 world universities, 35 universities belong from Australia.
- Australia invests up to A$ 250 million each year into grants, scholarships and financial aid.
- Universities offer range of programmes from Graduate degree, Graduate Certificates, Diploma, Post graduate diploma, Certificate programmes,
vocational training programmes, Masters Programmes, PhD programmes.
- Students can work part time for 20 hours while the term is in session.
- International students completing two years of master’s programme may be eligible for post study visa for two years. This gives them opportunity to work in Australia and eventually apply for Permanent resident.

Test required

Popular courses
Civil and Structural Engineering
Computer Engineering
Information Technology and information System
Mechanical Engineering
Planning and Architecture.