Rigorous Visa Interview Training With Camera Recording!
(learn by observing yourself)

Students and Parents need to understand how significant and important the VISA interview training is! Actual Visa interview with the visa officer is the is the ultimate deciding factor of student’s fate of studying abroad. A.I.E.C provides complete guidance on arrangements of documents required for the Visa process. We consider this stage to be very crucial because all your efforts of going abroad are put at stake at this stage. The reason of failure to perform in interview is that student does not practice mock interview under strict pressure. A.I.E.C is the first such service provider in India where the student’s Mock Visa Interview is recorded by camera. Students become camera conscious when they speak in front of visa officer. They fumble and puzzle. We provide best approach for training students for visa interview. Mr. Pratik Shandilya being himself experienced of giving successful Visa interview, conducts these mocks test. The Visa mock interviews are conducted at the difficult level. we bring students out of their comfort zone and make him face difficult and trap questions. The interview takes a form of role play. While entering the office cabin student should be in character (as a interviewee) and Mr. Pratik Shandilya will be in character of visa officer (Interviewer). The assessment of the student is begun right from the moment he enters the cabin and sits on the chair for beginning the mock visa interview. We assess the body language Being in court practice before, Mr. Pratik Shandilya is well experienced in cross examining techniques which the students face in the mock test in A.I.E.C. What is the consequence of making mock interviews training difficult for students? Well, the student feels the real visa interview very easy and he becomes comfortable in front of the visa officer. The camera recorded mock interviews are then showed to the students and their parents right there and then in the office. Here we show them their mistakes and errors of body language. Student can watch his own performance on the screen and such camera recording in A.I.E.C makes students confident and they don’t panic or become camera conscious when they give their actual interview. Take Advantage of feedback with technological support from A.I.E.C !